Professor Ivan P. Parkin

Dean of MAPS Faculty
University College London, United Kingdom
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Professor Parkin Short CV 

1. Personal Details 

Name: Professor IVAN P. PARKIN, Ph. D., D.I.C., B.Sc. (Hons), A.R.C.S., F.R.S.C., C. Chem. FIMM, C. Sci. 

Married with two children. 

Department: Department of Chemistry, University College London 

Date of Appointment: Appointed Professor of Chemistry at UCL on the 1st of October 2000; FTE 100% 

2. Education / Qualifications 

1986 B.Sc. Chemistry (1st class honours), Imperial College, University of London, England. 

1986 ARCS Imperial College, University of London, England. 

1989 Ph.D. "Metalla, Sulphur-Selenium-Nitrogen Heterocycles; Reactions in Liquid Ammonia", Imperial College London, University of London, England. 

1989 Diploma of Imperial College (DIC

1989 Elected Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) and Chartered Chemist (C. Chem.) 

2003 Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC

2003 Elected Chartered Scientist (C. Sci

2005 Elected Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM

3. Professional History 

2016- Dean MAPS faculty UCL 

2010-16 Head of Chemistry Department, UCL 

2006-10 Head of the Inorganic and Materials section in the UCL Chemistry Department. 

2000-06 Professor of Inorganic and Solid State Chemistry, University College London. 

1999-00 Reader in Inorganic Chemistry, University College London. 

1997-99 Senior Lecturer, University College London. 

1993-97 Lecturer in Chemistry, University College London. 

1991-93 Lecturer in Chemistry, The Open University. 

3. Area of expertise 

During his carrier, Parkin developed different research lines, including: 

  • Chemical Vapour Deposition, particularly Atmospheric Pressure and AACVD 
  • Thin films for windows, such as self-cleaning coating and thermochromic coatings. 
  • Inorganic Analysis of Oxide Materials (TEM, EELS, XRF, XPS, ICP-MS) 
  • Materials with photocatalytic activity. 
  • Materials with antibacterial properties, particularly under light irradiation. 
  • Superhydrophobic surfaces. 
  • Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis Materials (transition metals and Rare earths) 
  • Examined 35 Ph.D. thesis. 

4. Prizes, Awards and other Honours 

Year Award Awarding Body 

1986 HVA Briscoe Prize in Inorganic Chemistry Imperial College London 

1989-91 SERC/NATO fellowship (Indiana University) SERC 

1994 RSC international Award RSC 

2002 Best Ph.D. Student thesis in Chemistry L. Affleck RSC 

2004 Beilby Medal RSC, SCI, IOM-3 

2006 Wolfson/Royal Society Merit award Royal Society/ Wolfson Trust 

2007 Jubilee Medal Russian Academy of Sciences 

2007 Diploma of the World Ceramics Congress World Ceramics Congress 

2008 Kroll Medal IOM-3 

2010 Ramsay medal (A. Kafizas) Ramsay Trust 

2012 Coatings award International Glass Council 

2013 KAU International Award KAU 

2014 Armourers and Brazier Award Royal Society 

2015 Griffith Medal IOM-3 

2016 Tilden Medal RSC 

5. Grants 

Between 1993 and 2016 Parkin had a total direct research grant income of more than £28M both as PI or Co-I. 

Professor Ivan P. Parkin Ph.D., FRSC, C. Chem BSc(Hons), ARCS, DIC, FIMMM, C. Sci

Dean, Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

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