The purpose of this area of research is the design and deposition of novel functional materials at the micro and nanoscale using low cost and environmentally up-scalable manufacturing technologies. Combining knowledge in chemistry, physics and engineering, we aim to understand the interface between materials chemistry and device engineering for applications related with temperature responsive and electroactive materials.

  • ThermochromicsGrowth and characterization of pure and doped vanadium dioxide coatings using Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition.
  • One-pot direct hydrothermal growth of vanadium dioxide powders or coatings to alter the transition temperature via the control of their morphological characteristics (size and shape).

Thermochromic layers on polymeric and glass substrates with high transmittance contrast, low transition temperature and enhanced durability.


APCVD Amorphous Thermochromic VO2 (M)